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Dogfight Elite 1.1.21 is out! 4 years 8 months ago #378708

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Dogfight Elite 1.1.21
- Rewrote all the network code to make it work faster. It should behave a lot less laggy!
- Reduced price of airplanes.
- By default, all new players will go to WWI servers until they hit rank 8. At that point, they are moved into WW2 servers unless subscribed.
- Reduced the prices of all airplanes.
- Fixed capture the flag mission.
- Fixed soldier falling down from heights in slow motion.
- Fixed wheels hitting the terrain when they were up.
- Modified chat, when you hit someone instead of getting the message multiple times you will get a (number) of times hit.
- Fixed that only the people that can recruit in the squadron, can also invite members.
- Removed bomb purchases. You will always have all of them at the beginning.
- Fixed the list of online players that was hiding many.
- Fixed tanks and airplanes going through buildings on mobile devices.
- Changed the altimeter to feet since it's the standard in aviation.
- Fixed parachuter not able to move on mobile devices.
- The parachuter can aim, but it cannot rotate as fast as the walking soldier. You are in a parachute!
- You will get a notification when you run out of fuel.
- Removed screen joysticks on devices that don't support touch screen.
- Fixed practice mission not showing the enemy bullets.
- Modified the guns of the Spitfire. It has 2 new ones centered so as to be more equal to the ME262
- Modified touch aiming control. It adjust to the speed that you are moving your finger.
- Bombers take off now closer to the middle of the airport, so you can walk faster towards them.
- Fixed bomber making a shooting sound upon loading.
- Fixed tank, parachuter and soldier on multiplayer. You will see exactly what they are doing.
- Fixed terrain that was showing water where it shouldn't.
- Fixed flickering on mobile when jumping on parachute or walking soldier.
- Fixed bomber cabine on mobile that was blocking the close up view.
- Fixed camera outside view rotation that was losing the plane out of view when not moving the finger.
- Added "tag" to the squadron details. You can put up to 5 letters there that will display in front of all squad members. This way you don't need to tell everyone to add them in front of their names.
- Removed the forum page displayed inside the game. It took too much memory and made the game crash on old devices. Instead it will open on its own browser window.
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