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Dogfight Elite 1.0.70 is out! 7 years 2 months ago #360922

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Dogfight Elite 1.0.70 is out!

Big update! Some of you already have parts of this since I've been releasing to windows and android certain versions to test everything was ok before sending it out in full. Changes:

- Improved WW2 tanks aiming.
- Improved airplanes shaking too much at high speeds.
- Increased the amount required to bomb the carrier.
- Decreased the amount of damage required to bring down the zep.
- When you arrive to rank 17 you'll get the first WW2 airplane for free.
- Allowed to pick sides on WW2 again for subscribers.
- Fixed some messages on chat that would not get removed after approved/rejected.
- Fixed wheels not showing up/down on enemy airplanes.
- Fixed some wheel instruments going through the airplane when landing.
- Protect/Destroy the bomber now has a WW2 bomber on WW2 games.
- New airplanes: Supermarine Spitfire XIV and Messerschmitt Me 262
- Fixed jet engine pink color on Android
- Added better explosions for the bomber (one per engine)
- Bombs sound and behave differently on land and water.
- Big audio changes:
- Added audio for jet engine.
- Added different audio for different airplanes.
- Changed the audio of machine guns and pilot gun.
- When airplanes fly close to water you have a wake to tell you.
- Airplanes will float on water when crashed.
- Fixed when getting out of the cockpit and back in, you would lose the engine sound.
- Fixed Amazon kindle having no trees.
- Centered the "retry" button after a crash.
- Bombs dropping on land or water sound and act different.
- Fixed bombs bombing yourself all the time when dropping them.
- Ignored friendly fire on bombers and zep.
- Fixed some airplanes on hangars that were displayed tilted.
- Fixed the zep health bar.
- Given more moving room to zep machine gun.
- Fixed trees on the way of the zep.
- Fixed health of carriers displaying 160%
- Fixed squadron join petitions are now showing at the beginning of the chat.
- Rewrote lot of website code so that it runs and returns data faster.
- Added more details about members on squadron screen:
- You can see the amount donated by each pilot to the Vault.
- It shows the last time seen for each member, the world rank and the global ranking name.
- Fixed tons messages that needed to be translated.
- Fixed people getting points even when everyone was on the same side without any enemies.
- Fixed achievement to bring me down that was not always working.
- Added support for more joysticks and VR controllers.
- Fixed subtitles not showing on Windows 10
- Fixed many random crashes on Windows 10
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