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Dogfight 1.0.42 released soon! 7 years 7 months ago #351018

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Oh well, oh well, I've been waiting for this huge update to be to done and released for a long time. I wanted it out for thanksgiving but Apple didn't push it out yet so it will be out any day (it's pending release) and as soon as that's done it'll be released in all platforms.

So why am I so excited? Well, I've been working on this one for months, slowly releasing things to test that everything was proper. You'll see why the walking soldier was so important to get right and although I tried to keep this update secret it was impossible when you saw me flying around without airplane like I was a real "zuperman". It took me months to get it ready for release but now you have bombers, bombers you can jump in and shoot from them, a zep you can jump in and also shoot from inside. You can go up and down ladders. You have a machine gun in most of these things! Oh, and there are way more new things coming but I have to release stuff on stages.

I'm sure this release will have tons of new bugs. No doubt about it, every time I add something new, things break. So just keep those bugs coming and I'll fix them asap. Remember, I keep track of all bugs posted on this thread:

Without further ado, here is what's included on 1.0.42:

- Raised the number of required hangars to bomb from 4 to 8
- "Push to chat" message on windows should be fixed.
- Zep mission now is reversed. The zep is German and therefore comes from that side.
- Fixed the walking soldier and tanks going invisible when on the carriers.
- Fixed the sliding problem when walking on carriers. You shouldn't fly off it when walking around.
- Fixed the famous "wind" that would make your airplane fly across the land hitting everything on its way.
- Changed points system so that you'll get less points when you have no enemies and more when it's even.
- Reduced the path of the carrier that is near the German side, so that it's not so near the base.
- Tracer bullets from enemies should look way more accurate now.
- Movement from enemies should be smoother.
- New mission type! Protect/destroy the bombers.
- You can now walk inside the zep, and also jump into a bomber and shoot from there.
- Added 3 new planes: German Fw-190, American P-38J Lightning and American P-51D Mustang.
- Many small fixes that I forgot to write down.

Now we just need to wait for that magical Apple "publish" button.
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