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Dogfight 4.4.80 is out! 9 years 5 months ago #244469

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Hi everyone!

I'm pushing this major update to all platforms. Everyone should be getting in between today and Monday since every platform gets approval fast. The only exception is Apple. Apple players will get the update whenever Apple decides to click the "publish" button (My current bet is 10 days but it varies depending on whether Homer Simpson is at work that day).

This version will have some serious changes:
- Tanks should not jump and crash when you go into them any more.
- Buttons on the top (camera, menu) should be more responsive now.
- There will be a new team and global chat in the game. You can press an icon next to the text box and switch from one or the other. By default it is always on global chat (everybody can read).
- Since now airplanes are bigger and physics system is better, the airplanes can check better contact points. This means that you will need to hit the airplanes more times and bullets can easily go between the wings, so aim well. You will also be required to shoot more times the tanks. The exact number differs because it depends on where you hit them.
- No more repair after bombing (maybe I put it back, but let's see how it works without it).

- New mission type! I wanted to keep it a secret until release but since it's impossible once I begin testing it with real players... it will be a capture the flag type of mission:

GOAL: Defend your flag while capturing the enemy flag. To capture the enemy flag all you have to do is bring it to your base.

* To be able to capture the enemy flag, your own flag has to be at your base.
* You can drop the flag and let some other friend pick it up.
* You can pick up the flag in any way you want: as an airplane, a tank or a soldier.
* If you get killed while holding the enemy flag, the flag is returned to its original base and need to go there to pick it up again. This means sometimes is better to drop the flag before you get killed, so a friend can pick it up where you dropped it and continue with it.
* If someone is stealing your base flag, bring that guy down! It will return it to your base.

You can watch a very short video of how it looks on my Samsung S4: www.everyplay.com/videos/13392734

In there you also see the team/global chat icon (on the left side of the textbox), although obviously I couldn't use them with an existing game.
You will also see that I drop the flag. To do that, while having the flag I just have to press the flag icon that is displayed at the top right. If a friend was behind me waiting for it, he could go and pick it up. BUT, if an enemy was around and he picked it up first, it would be returned to its base. So you have to decide what's best.
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