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Banning, muting and behaviour 12 years 7 months ago #500

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When someone breaks the rules I'll have no other choice to mute or ban the person. That doesn't give the right to harrass the guy afterwards. This kind of behaviour is equally punishable.

I've got several messages after muting naiz17 with this content. I removed the sender but I think it's clear what I mean:

"I am currently a pilot in the game, another pilot (nazikiller17) has permanetely been muted because of swaring. As I mentioned how the other pilot was muted by gyshan from a request to zuperman, nazikiller17 went back on to play, still muted, and gyshan was horrassing him and calling him names while using profane language, I had told the boy to stop, but he insisted otherwise, I am asking you to contact zuperman for me, to also mute gyshan. Therefore there will be no nore problems of nazikiller17 being muted and gyshan horrassing him like he was."

Another one:

"While I have been playing I have seen that gyshan has been spreading around the success of his request to mute nazikiller17, and multiple people have been telling him to stop, and he will continue to spread while calling other innocent people, who are friends with nazikiller17, names and asking them if they would also like to be muted with their friend. Gyshan is getting out of control from his recent request with nazikiller17, please help with this matter, and please contact zuperman about this issue."

I think it's clear this is not proper and I hope I don't have to ban anyone.

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