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Aircraft maneuverability 9 years 2 months ago #245080

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I have been reading the forum carefully, and have heard arguments both pro and con reference the updates and larger planes. According to Zuperman the aircraft are the same speed as ever, just larger by a reported 50%. Please correct me if those statements are not true.

With the new game parameters and the change by the developers to make the overall game more smooth the art of turn fighting has been pretty well eradicated from the game. There are many folks, myself included, who had developed turn fighting skills and took pride in that aspect of the game over the sniper aspect, long range sharpshooters if you will, and really miss that portion of the game.

I am not registering a complaint, I should have developed my head on shooting while I had the chance and find myself behind the proverbial power curve in that regard. My fault entirely, and I have shifted my perspective about the game in order to continue to play and enjoy this game.

With that in mind I don't believe I have seen anyone address aircraft maneuverability. Size cannot be altered, speed is the same as ever, but the current planes are too big and not nimble enough to make turn fighting a viable tactic.

Zuperman, has this issue been explored or mentioned to date? My thought is if the aircraft were more "quick" and nimble turn fighting would be more enjoyable, an adrenaline rush if you will. Make the aircraft quicker about their two axis, (Pitch and roll) thereby making the possibility of jinking past someone in order to engage them in aerial combat a bit easier.

I enjoyed turn fighting and find I really miss that aspect of this game. Without being just another complaint thread I figured I would offer a possible solution that I hadn't seen discussed yet. I know the game is virtually a work in progress and appreciate all the efforts by Zuperman, even thought I haven't said as much to date.

If this has already been discussed then I apologize for missing it.


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Aircraft maneuverability 9 years 2 months ago #245089

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I too enjoy a good dogfight and miss my planes speed in turning. :(
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Aircraft maneuverability 9 years 2 months ago #245102

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I feel the same as Viper on this issue.

Turn fighting is certainly less fun than it used to be. Jinking and dodging are far less effective than before. I'm not saying that it is completely ineffective, just much less effective.

It would be great if there were some way to get feel of the relative maneuverability back.

On the other hand it may be easier for noobs to feel competitive now. No?

(Edit: It's back to the original feel now! WooHoo!)
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Aircraft maneuverability 9 years 1 month ago #249560

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I have the perfect solution for this.

The planes them selves already turn at a crazy rapid rate. I suggest adding ballistic drop to the gun rounds like there is with the tanks. I also suggest making the physics more realistic. In very hard turns you should start losing speed at leaf till you you get to the point were the engine power and the planes lift to drag ratio allows it to continually turn at that speed with out losing further speed and stalling. The Aircraft should stall in climbs if held to long. Energy and the conservation of it should be a big factor in determining who wins a dogfight. I also suggest slowing down the rate in which the aircraft turn. What it is now is crazy. Its like the planes have thrust vectoring in some way or another. For ww1 aircraft the turn rate would rip the wings off. There would be no need to change the aircrafts speed rating and agility or armament rating in the hanger just leave them be but make the physics better. The current physics in this game or a joke and boring as hell. Every one has laser guided ammo the planes are turn like madness there is no real maneuvering or such thing as a tactical advantage. It is the most boring flight game available on the IOS market at the moment. It is worthless for how boring it is. Spice up the physics so people actually have to think in a dogfight. Also get rid of the red arrows that tell you were enemy aircraft are. Be sure to get rid of laser guided gun rounds and add ballistic drop. It won’t eliminate the head on but will make it more complicated and shorten the range of it. People then could learn how to be true marks men and not a bunch of jokers pointing a laser.
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Aircraft maneuverability 9 years 1 month ago #249590

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The game seems just fine with me. Maybe u guys should find a particular game with all that stuff on it u so eagerly earn for & play it? This isn't never going to satisfy ur taste buds because u want this to be as pen point as accurate as the actual War. but don't any of u want to die.. for reals ? So unless u guys want to see actual people/pilots dieing I suggest A Gud brand of cookies & a nice tall glass of ice cold milk ?
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