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New point system and prices 5 years 3 months ago #376845

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Hi there!

As many of you have noticed there has been lot of changes on the latest updates. One of them was the new prices and points to achieve certain rank. I had to wait for everyone to update to fully release the changes, which happened during the day yesterday.

Now you will get more or less points depending on different factors.

- Bombs are now cheaper. 100 points instead of 200. (Some older version will display 200 but the server will remove only 100, you can easily see this when logging in multiplayer).
- If you belong to an activate squad, you will get more points. You already know the "vault" system, but now those points have been increased. The system is very simple: every time a squad member earns (or buys) points, the squad gets exactly the same amount divided by all members. So the more members on the squad, the less points you get (it divides by more members) but also the more active members on the squad, the more points you get (more members are getting points). You can see on the squadron screen your members, select their name and you'll see a "donated" number that explains how many points that person has contributed to the vault.
- The vault expires. I disabled this from time to time, but the idea is that you can't be without playing 2 months and come back and get millions of points from the squad when you didn't contribute anything. I don't think it would be fair, so once a week the vault empties itself (at some point during mondays depending on your time zone). If you didn't collect the vault points, you'll lose them. The system will send you a push notification to remind you of this, so please make sure you have them enabled for the game on your phone.
- You earn more points if you are at a disadvantage. So if you are 1 vs 4, you will gain way more points for anything you do than the other side. In fact, it can arrive to a point that the other team are not getting any points at all no matter what the do. And without points, they don't move up on the ranks. It's a common misconception that the rank is based on games won/lost. It is not. It's never been. It's based on the number of points and your game rank. So you could lose every single game and still be way higher on the rank then the other team because you were always at a disadvantage.
- You earn more points and faster the higher you move on the ranks. So an Aspirant (rank 1) would get less points than a MORAF doing the same task. This is so that it adjust to their airplane expenses. Since higher ranks got more expensive airplanes, it should balance each other out.
- You earn more points killing higher ranked pilots. An Aspirant killing a MORAF will definitely get more points than a MORAF killing an Aspirant. It makes complete sense since one has no experience at all and the other is already an expert.

I hope this helps on several accounts: People should try to play on evenly balanced teams and not all one sided. They will also be more active on their squads and play more fair against similar ranks instead of abusing new comers.
They will be rewarded when doing so.
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