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Change on pick selection coming soon 7 years 7 months ago #350092

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Hi there
I've been giving it some thought about the issue of allowing teams to be selected. Two main problems:
1) Allowing it incites many people to pick a team just to earn more points and go 8 vs 0 or similar situation.
2) Not allowing it, kinda defeats the purpose of having a squadron if you don't know if you will be able to play with them.

So... I think I arrived to a solution, here's my idea.

1) Allow subscribers to pick the side they want.
2) Points will be given depending on the people on the other side. Meaning, if you are 8 vs 0, you are not going to get any points at all whatsoever. If you just want to train or have a relaxing game, this is up to you, you are allowed to play like this.
The points will be calculated this way.

a) Even matches +-1 = you get 100% of the points as always. So 4 vs 4, 2 vs 2, etc... you'll get 100%
the +-1 means you'll also get 100% of the points if you are playing 4 vs 3, 3 vs 2, 1 vs 0
The reason is that if you are uneven number of players (let's say 7 people), there is no way you can have an even numbers of opponent. So in this situation you'll still get 100% of everything.

b) The % of points will be deducted by 25% for each additional player in your team that is missing on the other team. So 4 vs 2... that means there is 1 additional player on your team that could be on the other team. So instead of 100% of the points, players on your team will get only 75%
Another example, 4 vs 1... that's 2 additional players, so you'll only get 50% of the points
5 vs 1, that's 3 additional players, you'll get 25%
6 vs 1, that's 4 additional players, you'll get 0%
Any team number vs 0, you'll get 0%
Exception: 1 vs 0, you'll get 100% of points, I assume you are waiting for other people to arrive.

c) People on the losing amount of members will always get 100% of points.
4 vs 1 ... the "1" person will get 100% of points while the team on "4" will get 50% on this case

If this sounds confusing the rule of thumb is simple: Even games equals all points, uneven games equals less and less points the more uneven they get.

I hope this helps mitigate point harvesting just by picking a single side while allowing everyone to pick the team they want to play in.
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