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Squadron Wars and Vault 7 years 11 months ago #341337

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Hi there,

As you know I've been working on Squadron Wars for quite some time. In fact, you've been playing it without knowing since there is no visuals to display the stats in the game yet. Not only you've been playing squad vs squad but also helping each other behind the scene. There is an advantage of belonging to a squadron instead of playing solo: you share a vault of points.

So let me go point by point.

1) Squadrons are fighting other squadrons already. There is a ranking system that you can see at:
I'm working the UI for the game, but the stats are there.

What it does is the following:
- Every kill you get, it will check if the other person is in a different squadron and then add the result to your stats and squadron points.
- Every enemy hangar you bomb, it also adds points to the squadron.
- More points will be added little by little (still working on it, on things like bombing the carrier and so on).

The idea is that whatever good any member of your squadron does, it will have a positive impact on your squadron statistics.

2) There is shared squadron vault. Every squadron member gained point is added to that vault. That's how the ranking system works. But even better... those points are evenly divided among all squadron players who can request them at any time!

Let me explain. Imagine a couple of members of your squadron brought down other airplanes and bombed a couple of hangars... total points gained 5000. Those 5000 will be added to the squadron ranking "points" and help move the squadron higher on the ranks.

Also, if your squadron has 10 members, each member will get 500 points into their vault (5000 divided by 10 members).

When the other squadron members go to play, they will see a new Vault button, they can press it and those 500 points will be added to their personal savings account to buy whatever they want with it.

In short, whatever members of squadrons do positive, it will help all other squadron members but also keep in mind that it is divided evenly. So having 50 members would get 100 points each in that case. It's up to you to decide how to manage your squadron: more members to divide among, less members, and simply do not care at all about the vault system and enjoy the dogfighting spree.

Also other members will be able to see who donated/generated the most points to the squadron, so you know who to be thankful for.

btw: this is not displayed yet, but the Vault will be there on the next update.

3) The Vault points expire. Once a week it will be reset and if a person didn't claim them... they will be lost. Why? Simple, this is to encourage squadron members to play more often and don't go missing for long periods of times.

4) You will also begin getting notifications soon when other squadron members login and people in your friends list login. So make sure to have that list cleaned up for people that is important to you.
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