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Dogfight 4.4.82 is out! 9 years 5 months ago #247229

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Hi there!

I'm sending it to all platforms between today and tomorrow, but 4.4.82 is set and ready to go!


- Fixed chat colors on Windows Phone that was showing always white.
- Fixed joystick screen colors, they are brown now so they don't mix with the snow, but still white when inside the tank, so they don't mix with the tank colors.
- Added description to Capture the Flag games and improved some of the tutorial graphics.
- Added dynamic sky and weather conditions: welcome to thunderstorms and night fighting!
- Fixed graphics gone black when playing on screen joystick mode.
- Faster tanks. You've just got a new speed bar option on the tank. Go into your hangar, pick the tank and upgrade the speed to 4 bars. (note, you will need 4.4.82 to notice).
- The game gives everyone 5 seconds of immunity now when taking off to avoid tank camping, crashing and hits from a previous dead coming through lag.
- Relocated some servers. Borimov is now India.
- After jumping on parachute, the camera goes directly into close-up mode so you don't need to press the camera icon to begin shooting.
- The zep now is bigger but also requires more damage to be done.
- The zep should bomb all hangars now upon arrival.
- The text on top of the aircraft carriers when bombing them is now smaller so they don't occupy so much screen space.
- Removed some of the trees on the aircraft carrier path.
- Enlarged the bridge so that the carrier doesn't pass through it.
- All practice missions after mission 3 are now unlocked by default. It also stores them on the server so reinstalling the game won't make you lose them.
- Reorganized the servers, there are now South Asia and East Asia zones for India and China/Japan area.
- The weather is dynamic now. Meaning I can change sunny/cloudy/rain/snow from the server at any point in the game.
- The time of day changes dynamically during game play. 90 minutes in the game = 24 hours. So during long games you will see sunrise, sunsets, nights and so on.
- Option to watch a video ad instead of waiting the queue (availability depends on the ad network).
- Display out of ammo message when it runs out of ammo.
- Fixed the carrier game where the status of the carriers would not show up until someone began capturing it.
- Fixed the carrier game, you can only capture it while on a plane so we avoid infinite games with soldiers just walking around the carrier.

I hope you enjoy the changes :)
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