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Dogfight 4.4.78 is out! 6 years 6 months ago #242137

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It is making its way to all the platforms. This is a BIG update! I've spent over a month doing this one and testing double testing triple testing everything.

First let's begin with the requested fixes:
- Parachute should die when crashing against it (From Viper10 and Flatline)
- Spawn Crashes (From Viper10, WarEage and Nebulas)
- Uneven teams (From WarEage)
- No longer does a zep hit register points. (From Monster Cannon, the points register already but it displays at the end of the game) now you will see the yellow bar on hit.
- Tanks on water should not be allowed to shoot. (From Flatline and Nebulas)
- Sometimes when I land on land it says i'm sinking (From Flatline)
- When throttling up the roster pops up without the button being touched. (From Bellsaj)

The other stuff:

- Everything is bigger! Airplanes, tanks and soldiers. You can now see them better when they are far.
- I rewrote all network code from scratch. This reduces lag tremendously and it displays the planes in a way more smooth pattern. Ever saw your enemy aiming right while it flies backwards to the right? Not any more! Ever looked at the sides to check how your friends have a harlem shake party? Not any more! Everyone around you will fly way more smooth.
- Crash against a parachute and bang! You are both death.
- The walking soldier has a life of its own now. It can practically walk anywhere. On the aircraft carriers, on the buildings, on the little town going upstairs, any where.
- Under water. The aircraft, tanks and soldier will not walk on water any more. They will sink and go under water. But be careful because you can't stay there forever.
- The zebra plane is back! By popular request, the Siemens airplane also has a MORAF painting now. The famous zebra colors.
- Memory: the game takes now much less memory! I've reduced the amount considerably so it runs fine on older phones.
- Performance improvement: Many phones will be able to arrive to a higher level during the calibration.
- Fixed the zep not bombing all hangars or staying stuck on base.
- Fixed the soldier staying stuck on half body on land.
- Improved quality of the airplane graphics. On close up they will look nicer and on Desktop version they look fantastic.

And with that, until the next update!
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