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Dogfight 4.4.51 is out! 7 years 3 months ago #179941

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As promised things are now speeding up a bit :)

IMPORTANT: As of 4.4.51, the forum and the game will be linked together. It is EXTREMELY important that during this week your in-game name and your forum name are the same. The same means THE SAME. If you pilot name is [FF] Piloter in Dogfight, that is not the same than Piloter in the forum. For those that can't tell the difference, one has [FF] in front of it!

This is very important because if they don't match exactly, it will consider them a separate account and create a new one which won't be linked together.

So steps:
1) Make sure your pilot name is the same in forum and game, at least for this whole coming week. I would remove fancy characters like []*!#@^ and so on if I were you, just to make sure nothing goes bad. To make it simpler, I would just pick the name you use in the forum which is usually simpler than the ones I see in-game. It is only for a week, I think we can survive with a simpler name for 7 days :)

2) Making sure the emails also matches would help. So try to make your in-game email the same than your forum email.
All these settings are right here at the top right under "Tools" menu.

Now to the 4.4.51 update, shall we? :)

- Fixed practice missions. Some were not able to pass finished missions (they were stuck at mission 3), they should all be good now.
- Added several speeds to the tank.
- Fixed facebook login.
- Added a friend's list. You will see that you can add friends when you go into pilots information.
- Added a new zone: South America
- Reordering of the german side airplanes:
The Fokker Dr.1 was one of the best airplanes during WWI. It does not make sense it is placed as the first and worst airplane. A new airplane has been added and reordered as follows:

1) Fokker E.III
2) Albatros D.III
3) Pfalz D.III <-- New airplane!

4) Albatros D.V
5) Fokker DR.I

New aircraft will be coming very soon now that they are all properly sort.

Now, in case you haven't noticed, there will be a problem with the zebra colors and aircraft for MORAFs. I'm still working on the new planes so I can't fix that until they are out. The Albatros D.V will no longer be the best plane in the game and a bit more planning and updates are required until all aircraft are in the final hangar.
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