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Dogfight 4.4.48 and 4.4.47 released! 7 years 5 months ago #165760

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Dogfight 4.4.47 was sent to Apple and 4.4.48 to all other platforms. They are identical but 4.4.47 had shadows enabled on Android and it gave trouble.

What's new?
- Version Dogfight (pre-paid) is gone. If you have the pre-paid version just download the free version and enter your username/pass. The server will detect it and make it work exactly the same way as if you were in the pre-paid version.
- Fixed those nice crashes on Motorola droid and Samsung s2. Will Samsung ever fix this bug? Doubt it, so I have to continue doing workarounds.
- Finally changed the water. Those oil spills should be gone for good. I created 3 types of water that you can see while doing the quality check. If your phone is fast enough you should see the new cooler water. It can be improved a bit more but at least for now it should look more like water and less like a black stain on some phones.
- Added Amazon Game Circle, Google Play Services and Apple Game Center for those that like to use them. Nevertheless internally I use our own system so you will begin seeing some cool popups in the near future.
- Fixed stripes on floor and water: this has a story. I activated real time shadows on all devices that support it. The problem is that apparently some devices have real time shadow driver completely messed up, and something that should look like terrain and water looks like this: www.dogfightplay.com/index.php/forum/2-g...689-new-water#165643
In short, to avoid seizures, I had to remove real time shadows on Android and Windows Phone until I get some info as to why this happen. On iOS it seems fine, so if you have a fast device you will see real time shadows on it.
- Fixed huge tanks and parachuter view.
- Now that everyone has last updates, the squadron issues where you couldn't join/accept members should be all fixed.
- Fixed airplanes popping up all over when they landed on carriers. Also the scores about the bombing of friendly/enemy carriers.
- Added joystick support on android. If you have a MOGA joystick it should work, but depending on how many people use it I may discontinue it. MOGA asked me to add support for it and since it wasn't very hard I gave it a try.
- Working on Joystick/gamepad support for Windows 8.1. This was a serious issue and finally Microsoft acknowledged it and fixed it on Windows 8.1. Now I'm finally able to work on it! msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/dn263140.aspx
You will be able to use your favorite controller when 4.4.48 gets published on the windows store (I hope!)
- Tons and tons of small fixes all over.
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