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If you have Problem Subscribing, read this 6 years 11 months ago #291014

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Want to Know How to Subscribe

Windows Store Users >>>>>>>>Click Here Contributed by [NLR]Fury

Google Store Users >>>>>>>>Click Here Contributed by [NLR]Fury

Best part is you can pay monthly subscription through your mobile carrier too.

So thoroughly read the instruction and play without waiting.

Subscription Related

  1. First and foremost, always keep the copy of your subscription paid receipt handy with you.
  2. Make sure that your Credit / Debit card is VALID before making subscription.
  3. You'll get the same soon after payment and usually emailed on the email ID through which you have paid the subscription.
  4. Check the junk mail if you didn't get the copy in your inbox.
  5. Go through the following and see if it can help you.
  6. If not, send payment receipt with your problem to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

zuperman wrote: you shouldn't have to wait if you paid. Unfortunately it is due to lag between the store payment and the store notifying me. Amazon sometimes takes 3 days to tell me it renewed the subscription for instance.

So, if you have an existing subscription, the trick is simple.

IMPORTANT: If you have an automatic subscription already, and this is IMPORTANT, it means you are not paying manually but that every month you get charged automatically, it can be solved easily.

The store will not charge you twice for an automatic subscription, it's impossible that you subscribe twice to the same product. So...

1) Try to automatically subscribe again.
2) The store will tell you that you are already subscribed and cancel the whole thing. You cannot subscribe twice.
3) The store will notify the game at that exact moment, no delays, of the error: he is a subscriber already.

Done, you can play regularly.

Again IMPORTANT this only works if you are on automatic subscription.
Click here for actual Link

Do I have to resubscribe every month? My app says that it renews every month unless I cancel, yet I'm having to wait between games. I'm confused... Any knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks

What device are you using? I'm on a Kindle Fire, and even though I selected the auto renewal on Amazon, for whatever reason, it will not automatically renew and I have to subscribe every Month I emailed Amazon and am waiting for a reply.

zuperman wrote: amazon seems to send the notification a few days after renewal. The trick is simple, try to subscribe again and it will tell you you have already subscribed. then it will let you play because that error notifies the game you are good to go Click here for actual Link

I'm not able to subscribe via Microsoft Windows Store. Everything goes fine till payment input screen. When you press Submit the screen freezes there.

[NLR] The Blue Fighter wrote: Instead of hitting the subscription screen I choose [buy] option by clicking on basket option on Dog Fight main screen and then choosing bottom right [instant access] option and paid the subscription Amt.

I think there is difference in subscription and instant access. Windows Store may not give you permission to subscribe in some countries (automatically deduction every month) but you can always pay manually for instant access.

Those who are getting error while paying using subscription option may try paying for instant access on main dogfight screen.

If successful pls do mention here to confirm above statement. Click here for actual Link

I paid weeks ago and have never had to wait before, now I cannot get into a game without waiting.
Email the payment receipt to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sent receipt to the info email on Tuesday, Mr. Zuperman. still waiting........

zuperman wrote: if you sent the email I already replied to it, check the spam folder or resend that email please.

fbt fighter wrote: I guess I was wrong. If I was charged twice it should pay for two months not just one. Now I am waiting when I should not be. Plus I am having problems making a payment for another month on top of that. Can someone fix my problem?

zuperman wrote: what you have to do is write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explaining the problem. And stop buying the same thing over and over... you will get charged multiple times!

The stores sometimes take a few hours to process payments, depending on your payment system they have to verify it. Also on certain countries it works slower. It all goes through Microsoft on your case. Click here for actual Link

Happy Subscribing

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If you have Problem Subscribing, read this 6 years 11 months ago #291099

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And for those (few, I believe) who dont use international credit card (like me, because of my wife`s lack of finantial-math-skills), you can buy a gift card and use it ingame by hiting the "buy" button, and choose "1 month payment", instead of trying to subscribe (cuz you can not subscribe using gift card method). The only issue is that you have to do it every month - but hey, it doesnt hurt.

Silly me, how didnt I see that option before?? Thanks, zup.

I took the RED PILL!
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